Spirit Speaks!! Mediumship readings and Reiki Healing

Spirit Speaks!! Mediumship readings and Reiki Healing

Spirit Speaks!! Mediumship readings and Reiki Healing Spirit Speaks!! Mediumship readings and Reiki Healing Spirit Speaks!! Mediumship readings and Reiki Healing

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Welcome to Spirit Speaks!

For the last 14 years I have been blessed to be able to pass messages from Spirit on to my clients.

I view my work as a privilege and blessing.  


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 Melissa Anders  my dearest sabine,         i cannot express how grateful i am for your kindness and your abilities. you have helped me so much..not once, but twice now with the passings of both my grandmother and now her son. you had pointed out their most personal qualities and gave me messages from them that i will treasure always. i cannot thank you enough. you are brilliant in your spiritual work and i highly recommend you. much love and appreciation to you sabine.  ~melissa

 Laura May Winter  Sabine Baumann you were spot on in all you said even down to how infectious dad smile was, growing up no one was ever good enough for me  so for dad to say he likes paul is pretty special to me & you to pick up on that is truly amazing as it was a joke between us, i have no doubt in my mind that there is a heaven xx

Keeshia Harris Ross  I had a reading on Dec 1 and thanks so much you gave me some peace and let me know he is at peace Sabine Baumann is wonderful with her gift

Madge Elizabeth  Sabine has a truly immeasurable gift - she read for me today and was so true about everything - even baking my sisters partner as he is having an operation tomorrow
She connected with joe beyond a doubt and if anyone is thinking of getting a reading you will be left with a feeling of peace - yes of course sadness doesn't go - but peace and a smile
I thankyou Sabine from the bottom of my heart xxxx

Paula Messer  Sabine Baumann did a reading for me and absolutely connected with my son justin. So many things only myself n my son knew. She even described the way he laughed.. Thank you so very much for this beautiful gift. Thank you. I reccomened Sabine Baumann if you want a true reading

02/18 Kathy Lewis  Sabine really connected with both my daughter and my Mom. She is amazing.

   02/01/18 Sue Ballard  I had the best reading ever with Sabine . I am also a little late posting this . I had to leave town for my younger sons Birthday it is his first one without John I thought a change for him would be perfect . It was a truly amazing reading my son came through and was acknowledged his brothers birthday and talking about cake . It's was a truly amazing experience. I would recommend Sabine 💯 %

Donna Burnsed Wuenst

.Sabine was wonderful the reading was bitter sweet and spot on I was very happy to hear from my son and I couldn’t of done it without Sabine.

 I am forever grateful

Thank You so much for your reading you gave me some really good information that i wasnt aware of and i will be looking into it and thanks for keeping your word and following up with me and showing that you do care about

 the people you do reading for that what makes you ginuwine looking forward to our next reading Thanks again 

 Thank you Sabine Baumann you were right on point with everything.
If anyone is looking for a reading or need some healing I highly recommend Sabine Baumann. She is a master with her gifts! :) 


Sean Murphy reviewed Reiki&Spirit5 star

18 April · Sabine gave me such a wonderful reading with little to no information coming from myself. she was able to connect with my parents and gave such a warm and spot on interpretation of what she could read. I was complete blow away with some of the details she had with nothing from me. Her skills are far higher than anyone else I have had a reading by.After the reading I was so impressed we also did a long distance Reiki and clearing session.
I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone with a true gift!!
Thank you Sabine!!! 


 I just had an amazing reading with Sabine Baumann. She was right on point with everything that is involved in my life and helped me reconnect with my grandmother and friend that I miss dearly. She gave me insight on things I didn't even know about myself and even connected with one of my guides!! Thank you so much again Sabine! 


 What a wonderful reading! Sabine saw what we all have been thinking of! We named our new puppy dog Charlie after his uncle that has left us. He came though !!  She saw things that I only new about! Loved!


Sarah Bella Had a reading with Sabine Baumann. She was very good! Said some things that were spot on. If people can do readings that well online I can't wait to get one done in person!  

08/06/ 2017

 Hello everyone... I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sabine Baumann for the reading she did for me a little earlier. She was able to connect to my son I lost in a miscarriage and my late grandfather. There was such comfort in her messages, she was able to confirm and validate a lot of what I had suspicions of. There was an instant connection and her laugh and humor is a fantastic breath of fresh air. I would recommend her to anyone.... 💙🌟💙🌟💙🌟💙🌟💙🌟 


10 hrs · Sabine Baumann did a reading with me this morning and it was amazing. She told me things that she really would not have just known. She connected not only with my mother but my brother as well! She is excellent! Thank you again so much Sabine


 Brothers and Sisters Love and Light.I just have to say, ive had the most amazung experience in my life thys far. If you've ever had a Reiki session with Sabine Baumann than you know what I'm talking about. She has a gift that words would not do justice to. I cant even begin to describe how wonderful it was.Feeling fantastic because of our session today Sabine. 


 Christina M Fuentes Sabine Baumann you are absolutely amazing. Christina M Fuentes #ADMIN here. I had the most incredible reiki session with her. I guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt it is worth double what she asks. She is so powerful. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. Ive never experienced anything like this before in my life. I cant say thank you enough. 


 Sabine is absolutely a gift from Creator to her family, friends, Spirits & to all whom have the honor & privilege of receiving a Reading/Guidance from her ~ including me 💖🌹

Yesterday, she helped Mikey, Matthew, our other Angel Furry Family Members as well as allowed me the privilege of speaking with My Dad ~ & Matthew, whom was a die hard sceptic, after reconnecting with his Beloved Calico, Esprit ~ 18 yrs old when she crossed over as well as with his Beloved Saint Benard , Brandy ~~> is convinced 😉👍🎉

I am still in shock that Mikey shot Sabine the proverbial bird via Dog speak 😱😱😱😱😱 & apologize to you, Sabine, for him being so rude to you 🌹💖

We will be getting another Reading from Sabine hopefully next week ~ Hopefully his Mom will come forward for Matthew 💖🌹🙌

Y'all, I big time highly recommend Sabine!!!
Y'all won't be disappointed 😀👍🎉          



Review - I had my reading Tuesday, and it was absolutely amazing. I truly felt connected to my son, who passed away almost 3 years ago. I was told things that truly would have had to come from my son. I was also connected to another person with whom i had/have a special connection with, that was a huge surprise to me but that made perfect sense when it happened. I am still in awe, and there are no words to express how satisfied and happy i am with the reading I received. 

LouAnn Baltenberger Stone

LouAnn Baltenberger Stone

I had a reading with Sabine-she was able to connect with my son and shared things that were so him! Thank you so much for a great reading and putting my mind to ease!

Keeshia Harris Ross  I had a reading on Dec 1 and thanks so much you gave me some peace and let me know he is at peace Sabine Baumann is wonderful with her gift